A Unique Litigation Experience in Southern Utah

Thompson, Randall, & Mellen, PC is a well established law firm located in St. George, Utah that offers a wide variety of practice areas from estate planning and business law to family law and real estate. We are dedicated to providing a smooth experience for our clients through the judicial system. After 20 years of being in business, there are values and imperatives that we have found necessary to best serve the community. 

Connected to the Community 

We understand that litigation in most cases is incredibly stressful. For us, staying human-centric has been key. We care about people, and we care about their lives not just through the litigation process but beyond, how does our interaction change the course of their lives for the better? “From our perspective, it’s providing the best legal services we can for a price our clients can afford. We are strong advocates for our clients and we are keenly aware of their individual needs. We aren’t here to litigate for the purpose of litigating, we look for solutions that serve our clients best interests. We think we do that in a way and price that is better than most. After 20 years of experience we have the ability and knowledge to deliver on those solutions.” Managing Partner, Aaron Randall, said. 

The Importance of Being Genuine 

Referral for us is the highest compliment we can get from our previous clients. We see many new people coming in with recommendations from past clients who have worked with us and are happy with what we were able to deliver for them. “We are grateful for that community engagement, beyond just clients who refer us we also receive referrals from other firms here in the area that trust us to put their word on the line; we don’t take that trust lightly.” 

How we Aim to Guide Clients Through the System 

Clients that come through our doors are looking for a fully guided experience. Someone who will give them the info, the direction, and the plan to a resolution that not only suits their immediate needs but into the future. “We have been operating within the legal system for a long time, and many things that we understand might not be understood by someone who hasn’t had to navigate that system. Education is so important and that is how our roles have evolved over time to provide that knowledge and to make sure client expectations align with how the court process functions. In the realm of representing people, communication is key. A good attorney will always have you in the know as it pertains to the status of your case, and will always be willing to give you the hard advice. We understand that we owe it to our clients to not only tell them the good things but also the hardships of the position a client could take in relation to the desired outcome. 

Unique Traits found Within our Team

For clients looking for an attorney it is important to understand the character traits that make a good attorney. For us, demeanor and the ability to dig deeper into situations that otherwise might go unnoticed is critical. We are willing to do what needs to be done to present the best case for our clients. We dig as deep or spend as much time as that requires. “The highest compliment I could give Rick is that if a member of my family needed a divorce, he would be the one to do it. I genuinely feel he is the best at what he does in this area.” Aaron said of Rick Mellen. 

Our approach to Litigation 

“As an attorney, if your goal is to take all cases to trial you are doing your client a massive disservice. I tell people that if they are wanting someone to litigate for the sole purpose of litigating, that isn’t us. We are here to advocate for our clients at the level they need but I look to resolve matters out of trial if that is possible. Litigation can have many pitfalls and many unknowns. There are no guarantees when matters go to trial and if you can resolve short of trial you are in a situation to have much more control over that outcome. Some cases have to go to trial, and we are prepared for that, but the vast majority of cases can and should be resolved without a trial and that is in the best interest of the client 99% of the time.” 

What you can expect from Thompson, Randall, & Mellen, PC

We are here to advocate for you. We aim to provide the best services we can while doing it ethically and using every tool at our disposal to give you service at a level that is unprecedented in our area. We care for you, we care for your life in the short and long term, and we are happy to put our expertise to work to ensure we guide you to a resolution you can trust is in your best interest. 

To connect with Thompson, Randall, & Mellen, PC you can click here. Or view our attorney pages and practice areas for more information. If you’d like to speak with us, you can give us a call at (435)-673-4892. 

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